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My latest 5k report

Posted on: March 23, 2009

Yesterday I participated in another 5k!! This time on my own, and of course I ran part and walked part. The good news is that I improved by 2 minutes from my last 5k time, but the bad news….I walked a heck of a lot more than I thought I would.

My intentions were to follow the week 2 routine for the C25k program. That’s 1.5 minutes running to 2 minutes of walking. I started off strong….the 1.5 minutes went by and I still had energy! The bad part: I was now stuck in the middle of a sea of runners, I couldn’t just STOP right in the middle! So….I kept running. Eventually I made my way next to someone that was already power walking and so I started walking right next to them. By that time I’m sure I was halfway through my “resting” period, so when the next running interval came by, it was a lot tougher.

I got back into the rhythm, but right around the first mile, I was really starting to feel tired. I still had two miles to go!! The comforting part was that I made it right at 14 minutes (meaning I had run a mile in less time than that!) That’s my fastest mile in ages! About 30 seconds later though, I got tired of the C25k podcast and I switched to my other songs. I’m not sure what happened after that as far as timing my intervals goes, but I didn’t run as much as I should’ve.

I finished the race at 42:39. That’s nearly 2 minutes faster than the first 5k I “ran” back in November! Considering I did so much walking, I think that’s pretty good! I’m excited to keep training for our corporate 5k later in April, and I hope to finish that one even faster than the last!


4 Responses to "My latest 5k report"

excellent, well done on a good time!

I haven’t participated in a 5k yet but I would say your timing was great! Congrats!!

Congrats on the good time and running the race! Even if you don’t run as much as you’d hoped, you are still getting out and DOING IT!

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