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September Week 4 Recap

Posted on: October 1, 2009

A week is a long time, and I’ve felt weird not posting at all for any random readers to read, lol. So, I got ahead by one day. Oh well. I happen to know that my workout tonight is going to be dance class, so no biggie.

I’m trying this weekly format for a bit until I fall into some kind of rhythm. I hope this doesn’t get too boring!

Friday, 9/25

After the wimpy yoga on Thursday, I decided to step it up a bit with my workout. I still couldn’t find my 30 Day Shred DVD, but I DID find my core secrets! Now that I have the large ball (I used to just have a small one, which kept me from using the DVD) I decided to give it a shot. I’m not going to say it was a complete disappointment, but I thought I remembered it to be a lot more challenging! Don’t get me wrong, it did work my abs, but it didn’t get my heart rate nearly as much as I thought it would. Did I do something wrong? Or is that just a testament to how much belly dancing has helped improve my core strength?

Saturday, 9/26

Woke up sore from the Core Secrets workout! (It did work!) Not so much that I couldn’t function, but it was definitely noticeable with certain movements! No other workout today, but I did stretch my abs throughout the day. (I’m telling you, my upper abs are especially sore!)

Sunday, 9/27

I thought Sunday would be another lost day since I overslept and didn’t get out for my early run, but I ended up getting home early from my visit to the parents house and went for a run in the evening. Nothing remarkable about it, except that this was the 2nd time I made it through all the intervals! I still struggled with the last minute, but I made myself do it. Total time 34:48. (Week 3 of the C25k)

Monday, 9/28

I got home exhausted after work and decided to rest for “just a minute”. I ended up doing nothing. Bummer.

Tuesday, 9/29

See Monday’s recap. I did nothing. Not even the “Biggest Loser Yoga” workout I got from Netflix!

Wednesday, 9/30

I finally went out for a run today. After my bed was delivered and my boyfriend left….I had nothing better to do. Again, I did the full C25k Week 3 routine (go me!). The worst part is halfway through I kept thinking to myself “this feels good. It’s true what they say that no one ever regrets going out for a run. Only skipping them.” which just left me wanting to kick myself for staying in the past two days. Ugh.

Total time – 32:31 (C25k Week 3). Oh, and I didn’t shave off two minutes from my time, lol. I turned around a tad earlier so that I would be on the busier side of the neighborhood when it got dark.

Running is a funny thing. At least for me, and at the point where I am. The challenge is definitely distracting myself. In the beginning it was about “ok, I just need to make it another 30 seconds!” when the interval was only 1 minute, or even 90 seconds. However as I get into the longer intervals I need to start “working on” distracting myself (sounds like a contradiction). I can’t exactly listen to music, other than what is playing on my podcast since I depend on it to time my intervals (best invention ever, really….), so I’m not sure what to do. Any suggestions? The real challenge will start when I get to 5 minutes next week, and even longer the weeks after that.

Thursday, 10/1

Today is dance class. No runs for me today!

And that was my week. A few disappointing days that I decided to stay in, but the two days I ran and the ab workout kept it from being a total loss. I’m happy that I feel myself progressing every day, and I’m moving on to Week 4 of C25k next week. Yikes! From what I recall this is the week they add on the 5 minute interval. I’m going to try to NOT think about this at all until it’s time to run. I find myself dreading my runs whenever I think about these longer times, when I shouldn’t! That’s what working out is about! Challenging your body, and seeing the results as the challenges get slightly easier each day.


1 Response to "September Week 4 Recap"

Too funny about thinking you didn’t get enough with the ball and then had the soreness later. I love working out on the ball!

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