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October Week 1 Recap

Posted on: October 8, 2009

Not my best week exercise-wise, nor food-wise. But at least I’m chugging along….

Friday, 10/2

I’m not sure why, but I decided to check out the Biggest Loser Yoga on Friday. (Maybe it was too dark to run?) I started, got through the warm-ups just fine, but just as Bob was getting into the real workout something just didn’t feel right. My left foot was hurting, I felt kinda scatter-brained and couldn’t get the transitions right…..it just wasn’t happening. I decided to quit while I was still ahead, and call it a night. I’m not proud of that decision, but sometimes you just have one of those days. (Fortunately it looks like a real workout, and a challenge for me, so I’ll be trying it out again soon.

Saturday, 10/3

I woke up too late for my morning run! Ugh! At 10am I stepped out to see if I could handle the sun/heat. It was super hot, and without breakfast I knew I wouldn’t last very long. Instead I pulled out my exercise ball and did another round of Core Secrets (Ab Attack!). I think I’m either doing something wrong, because I’m not getting my ass kicked on this workout. I mean, I do work my abs, but shouldn’t it be harder? lol. Maybe I should do it with a mirror next to me to make sure I’m using proper posture….

After my pottery class (it was 4:30-ish) I thought I could perhaps have some time to squeeze in a run. I could’ve, but on the drive back I started getting a headache. By the time I got to the apartment it was really bad. So, no workout for me. I took a nap instead.

Sunday, 10/4

Again, woke up too late for a run. The BF and I had plans though, to go on a walking tour of downtown. We spent the afternoon walking and sweating in the sun, so I’m considering that my workout for the day, lol.

Monday, 10/5

After work, I had the full intention to go for my run. However, the closer I got to my apartment, the darker and gloomier it started to look. GREAT. By the time I got there I was almost sure it was going to be pouring any minute. Instead I pulled out a Zumba DVD and got right to work (I had told my parents I was meeting them for dinner, thus my rush). Well, I had used the DVD years ago, and I felt really silly. I couldn’t imagine why I’d bought that stuff. Eventually though it did get my heart rate up so it wasn’t a complete loss. I’ll try it another few times before I completely  give up on it.

After my workout I looked out the window…..and the pavement was completely dry!!! I felt cheated! I was so mad, in fact, that I pulled out my stopwatch and RoadID and I went out for a short run anyway. I decided it was too late for my full C25k workout (it was pretty dark), but I wanted find out how far I could run before stopping. I made it to 3 minutes! (lol, doesn’t sound like it, but that’s a big accomplishment for me.) Then I turned around,walked 1.5 minutes, did another 2 minutes of running, walked for another minute, then ran the last minute. It doesn’t sound like much, but by the time I got home I was DRIPPING in sweat. (Although that could’ve had something to do with the humidity, lol.) The best part: I felt great. I may have to squeeze in these short runs more often….I don’t have to run too far (and stay in the well lit areas), and I get to test how far I can run in one shot. Plus, it gets my blood flowing like nothing else!

Tuesday, 10/6

Didn’t go to dance class this week either. =[

Wednesday, 10/7

I almost didn’t go out for a run today, since I started feeling a bit sniffly and just generally crappy. However, after reaching for and eating king sized Heath bar, I realized I had to get off my ass before I did more damage. I did surprisingly well on my first 3 minutes, and the first 5 minute interval wasn’t as bad as I thought! Of course, I struggled near the end (and took a 10 second break when I got to my “turnaround” point….can’t run and do sharp turns) but I finished without wanting to die! I decided to quit right before the last 5-minute interval though. It was pretty dark. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

One thing of note, I’ve noticed a few times now that near the end of my workout various parts of my feet start tingling (like tiny pin pricks). What do you think this is?! I got some pain once that I decided was due to tying my laces too tight, but this has happened several times even though I’ve loosened up a bit. I dunno, just thought I’d mention that…

Thursday, 10/8

I actually didn’t go to my Thursday dance class last week, but I went tonight!


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