QuarterLife Girl Gets Fit!

Arms and Legs, anyone?

Posted on: November 5, 2009

For some odd reason I always thought I had strong legs. Perhaps it’s because I was in the marching band in high school, and I had killer calves. And before that I danced for 6 years and my quads were super-defined.

I forget all that was at least 9 years ago (and more). And since then, my legs have apparently become pure jelly.

Through some experimenting with yoga and running I’ve come to realize that contrary to my previous belief, my core is actually pretty strong relative to the rest of me, making my arms and legs really weak in comparison. It’s time to change that though!

I’m going to keep working on yoga (the Biggest Loser Weight Loss yoga includes lots of leg strengthening moves and planks/pushups), and the running, of course….but does anyone have suggestions for me on what other programs I can use to strengthen my arms and legs? I prefer DVD’s, as I don’t have much discipline to go through a workout without guidance. Or maybe even a podcast would work. Suggestions are welcome!


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Goal Progress

Weight Goal: 140 lbs
Starting Weight: 159.0 lbs (Starting 1/12/09)
Current Weight: 162.0 lbs
Weight Lost: -3.0 lbs
Pounds left to first mini-goal (157.0): 5.0 lbs
Pounds left to lose: 22.0 lbs
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