QuarterLife Girl Gets Fit!

Good News, Bad News

Posted on: November 6, 2009

Ok, bad news first…..

My USB thumb drive isn’t working!!! I had my post for today saved on there, not to mention all of my financial spreadsheets on there. Ugh. I should’ve known better than to NOT back up those files!! I”m hoping it’ll work on my computer when I get home. =[

The good news….

I found my 30 Day Shred DVD!!! I will be working on that tonight! Hooray!

(Another “sneak preview” since I couldn’t post my weekly recap…..I completed Week 5, Day 1 of the C25k program!!!!)


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Goal Progress

Weight Goal: 140 lbs
Starting Weight: 159.0 lbs (Starting 1/12/09)
Current Weight: 162.0 lbs
Weight Lost: -3.0 lbs
Pounds left to first mini-goal (157.0): 5.0 lbs
Pounds left to lose: 22.0 lbs
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