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November Week 1 Recap

Posted on: November 9, 2009

I’m still pretty upset that my thumb drive crapped out on me, taking all of my drafts and spreadsheets with it. [sigh] I suppose that’s my own fault though, for not backing things up. I hope to have learned my lesson.

Either way, I figured this shouldn’t be an excuse for me to give up on everything. So, here’s my recap of the working out I did last week.

Sunday, November 1
On Sunday I started off with my dance class, and when I returned I realized I was still full of energy….so I went for a run. Unfortunately I must’ve had too much for lunch, because after the first 5 minute running interval (couch to 5k, week 4) I felt as though I was going to throw up, so I quit.

I felt like a failure when I returned to the apartment, so I decided to throw in another “workout”. I went with the stretching DVD from the P90X program, and it was great! A full hour of stretching was exactly what I needed.

Monday, November 2
I didn’t actually work out on Monday (the BF came over and I ran out of time), but I told myself if I could wake up early to do the Ab Assault workout AND go for a run on Tuesday, then I’d count the core for Monday.

Tuesday, November 3
As planned, I woke up super early on Tuesday and did the workout! I had a few mishaps (the DVD froze in my computer and I had to restart it, then my lamp went out in the living room where I was working out), but I completed it.

Tuesday evening I got home, and not wanting to fail at my goal just 3 days in, I got on my gear and went out for a run! This time I did the COMPLETE Week 4 workout!!

Wednesday, November 4
Wednesday evening I tried out the Biggest Loser Weight loss Yoga DVD. The previous time I tried it I had quit after just a few moves. Supposedly because my foot was giving me problems. I knew I wanted to try it again. I did, and it was definitely an effort for me! I still wimped out A LOT, but at least now I’m encouraged to keep trying it until I can complete it without cheating! (Note to self: it’s better to do the “easier” variation than to do nothing at all!)

Thursday, November 5
I went for a run again on Thursday evening. After my previous success with completing the Week 4 workout, I decided it was time to move on to Week 5 which involves 3 repetitions of 5 minutes running and 3 minutes recovery on the first day. A bit of a stretch, but I thought I could do it. AND I DID! It felt great! Well, first I had to confirm that I ran the last 5 minutes properly because a truck passed by just as the podcast started talking and I wasn’t sure what I had heard. I ended up adding another minute or so of running because I didn’t want to stop running too soon. Go me!

I’ll stop there, as this is what I should’ve had to report on Friday (had my thumb drive not died on me). I’ll be back on Tuesday with how the weekend workouts went!


1 Response to "November Week 1 Recap"

Wow, I have to say I feel better knowing I’m not the only one. My thumb drive died a few months ago, taking with it about seven years’ worth of writing, notes on writing, and miscellaneous personal detritus. My backup was about six months old and didn’t include my most recent fully completed novel…the one I was nearly ready to submit. Gah. And I’m not sure how this is supposed to help you, except maybe to illustrate that you’re not alone. 🙂

Great workout week, I’d say! I’m not in love with the Biggest Loser yoga DVD, but I think that’s because I’m such a fan of vinyasa flow yoga, and TBL yoga doesn’t have any real flow to it…I love the other BL workouts, though. They are definitely challenging!


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