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Working out is not enough

Posted on: November 9, 2009

I’ve heard it so many times, you’d think that by now I’d live by it, right?

Well, not exactly. I KNOW that I have to watch what I eat. No matter how much I run or exercise it’s not going to counter the fact that I’m eating CRAP. Lately I’ve gotten only slightly better….my meals are relatively healthy (i.e. not junky fast food), however I’m still snacking like a pig. Take Friday, for example:

I arrive at the office, coworker offers me buttered toast. I take two slices. Later I’m still hungry so I have a raisin bagel with cream cheese (leftover from the previous day’s meeting, so it’s not like I bought it for myself). Later I’m hungry but it’s too early for lunch, so I have a fun-sized Twix. Wait, make that two. Eventually I have my lunch….spaghetti squash with sauce and ground chicken. Pretty healthy, right? Later on I need a snack so I have an ice cream sandwich.

So, not that great, although I kept wanting to say “well, at least I had a healthy lunch!” None of that really matters if I’m stuffing my face with other stuff that ISN’T all that healthy. What I should have done was pack up the hummus I made the night before along with some baby carrots. Silly me.

Anyway, I have to realize again that it’s all about choices. And even though I’m not going all-out like I have in the past while doing my South Beach Diet, it doesn’t mean that I should take advantage of all the junky stuff that comes my way every day.


1 Response to "Working out is not enough"

Here’s what I tell people (translation: myself) about good choices and bad choices: Pat yourself on the back for the good choices, and learn from the bad. You obviously are doing the second, so go ahead and do the first, too. You did have a healthy lunch, so you’re one step closer to a really great day, right? And next time, you’ll think about it in advance and pack the hummus. 🙂


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