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November Week 2, Part 2

Posted on: November 16, 2009


Friday, November 13
Thursday night the BF lent me two new Core Secrets DVD’s! I was excited to try it out, so Friday night I pulled out the first DVD: Full Body Workout (or something like that, don’t quite remember the name). It was…..ok. I got a better workout than I did from the first DVD (Ab Assault), but a few things left me feeling “off”. First of all, I felt my knee starting to act up. They had a few squat/lunge type moves and every time my left knee started to mildly protest. So that part didn’t go so well. Also, I was annoyed at the lack of guidance at times. Maybe I was just cranky from the knee issue, but I felt myself scrambling quite a bit, then noticing halfway I was doing the workout wrong. I’m going to blame that on the fact that it was the first time though. I’m sure it’ll be easier to follow along next time. (I always struggle with knowing how far up or down to get on the yoga ball….I must work on that!)

After those 25 minutes were up, I didn’t feel as though it was “enough” (silly me). I decided to check out the other DVD that came in the same case: the Accelerated workout. It was very similar. Some of the moves were tweaked, but I think in the future I’ll follow this one and not the first one I did. It was slightly more challenging. By the end of it I was definitely feeling fatigued (I should’ve eaten before starting), but both workouts in one night isn’t something I’ll be repeating in the future.

(I think my issue with some of the new DVDs I try not being “enough” comes from the fact that I’ve tried the 30 Day Shred, and that leaves me exhausted and dripping with sweat every time. I guess I now expect that from every DVD! Oops.)

Actually, I have one more Core Secrets DVD to try out, so I may be trying that one before I have a chance to repeat the Accelerated workout once more.

Saturday, November 14
I didn’t go out for my scheduled “training run” (it was supposed to be a full 5k to practice). I was supposed to meet my mom at her house at 9am, and since I didn’t feel like waking up at the crack of dawn I ran out of time in the morning for my run.

Actually, I didn’t work out at all on Saturday. [gasp!] I’m not angry with myself though. After a day of gingerbread house making (at a workshop, so much fun!), Costco shopping, and a baby shower (and wearing heels all day) I was exhausted. By the end of the day my legs were a wreck, and it didn’t occur to me to try to get in a workout. I needed a rest, particular the left knee that was giving me problems the day before and once again was hurting Saturday night. 

Sunday, November 15
I know I said dance classes weren’t going to count towards my “workout-every-day” challenge, but on Sunday once again I didn’t work out, but I wasn’t exactly inactive either! I spent the day cleaning up the apartment, folding clothes, practicing my routine for dance class, then I actually went to class and sweat up a storm. At the end of all that I was actually going to go for a run, but my dad was delivering my “hand-me-down” coffee table, so I settled for the P90X stretching. It was great, and I welcomed the rest.

So I basically took a day off this week. Technically that means I “failed” at my challenge, but screw that! I’m going to ignore it and continue to work until the end of the month!


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