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November Week 4

Posted on: November 30, 2009

Monday, November 23

On Monday I had scheduled yoga to be my workout, but seeing that I had skipped my Sunday stretching I decided to do that first then follow it with a workout. However the stretching is one hour long, and by the time that was over the BF was on his way to hang out. No real workout on Monday.

Tuesday, November 24

I don’t exactly remember why anymore, but I decided not to run as scheduled as Tuesday. I think I ended up baking instead.

Wednesday, November 25

It was the day before the race, and naturally, as I’d been lazy all week I decided not to run or do anything either! In my defense I was at my aunt’s house helping with the cooking in preparation for the Thanksgiving dinner!

Thursday, November 26

Thursday was race day. I woke up to the wonderful sounds of rain falling…..really hard. Great. I had heard it might rain in the morning, but I had been hoping they had been wrong. On top of that, my dreams that night all revolved around me missing the event several times. I was relieved to find out I woke up on time!

By the time I left for the race the rain had let up and was only sprinkling, but when I got off on the exit I was greeted by a VERY long line of traffic. After nervously waiting in line I got to park my car with about 5 minutes left before the start, and I still had to walk all the way to the start (they had routed me around to a farther parking lot, since the main one had filled up). Luckily they were running behind (or they were waiting for us late-comers) and I arrived with plenty of time to spare.

As for my “strategy” I figured I would just follow the Week 2 routine….90 seconds jogging, 2 minutes walking. I’d tried that in the past for a 5k but ended up wimping out. This time I can say I followed it pretty closely! I only delayed my start twice, and for a short time, and I stopped the podcast during the water breaks. I was excited about that, and I was very excited when I checked my time after passing the 1st mile marker…..13:25!!! I’m normally closer to the 14 minute mile range! Because of that I was pretty disappointed at my finish time, 44:05, or 14:13/mile. It was better than the past, and considering that I didn’t train as well as I could’ve, I honestly was expecting better. My time improved by less than a minute over previous 5k’s! Oh well, I guess it’s something more to work towards….a 14-minute mile just sounds like a pathetic goal to me.

Now that the 5k is over, I’m going to rest a bit on the running. While running a whole 5k is NOT close, it definitely seems like it’s possible. I saw how quickly I was able to progress in Week 5 of the C25k, so I want to keep pushing myself. 

As for workouts during the rest of the week….well….


Friday, November 27

I’m pleased to say I actually worked out the day after my 5k with Jillian Michaels! (30 Day Shred) She beat me up, of course, and I was disappointed when I couldn’t complete the cardio like I used to. I was REALLY struggling. But I did it anyway.

Saturday, November 28

Saturday was my mom’s birthday, and I spent the entire day with her….so no time for a workout!

Sunday, November 29

On Sunday I only got my dance class in. I guess the only comfort is that one run through of the dance leaves me breathless, and we ran through it quite a few times! At least I got some kind of workout in!

Monday November 30

It’s still Monday, so I obviously can’t guarantee what I’m projecting will happen today. In the evening I really want to get my stretching in (didn’t have time for that yesterday), and I’m 80% likely to call it a day after that. I’ll let you know how it went tomorrow!


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