QuarterLife Girl Gets Fit!

One week later

Posted on: December 18, 2009

It’s been over a week since I picked up the Beck Diet plan. I must admit I haven’t followed it 100%, but already it’s made a difference.

The most progress I’ve made is with my stress and emotional eating. Every time I find myself instinctively looking for a snack or craving food I’ve been able to stop myself and figure out if I’m really hungry. Usually I’m not. I’ve also stopped being a serial “chewer”. I realize this is just a matter of deciding you’re going to discipline yourself….and anyone can do it even if you don’t have the book, but I’m glad I found the book. I realize I’m not crazy for needing to be chewing on something….I just need to get it under control.

The two parts I’ve done terribly on is planning my meals (therefore I can’t say I’ve been “following” my meal plans) and eating slowly. For the most part I’ve been eating sitting down, but I’ve slipped on a few occasions. It’s still REALLY hard for me to remember to eat slowly. I’m eating slower, that’s for sure, but it’s not saying much because I’m sure it’s still faster than “normal”. (One highlight was when I realized I ate three slices of pizza in the same time my BF ate 4! We usually eat at the same pace, so that’s a big thing!)

I’ve done a decent job of resisting “unplanned foods”. Again, that’s a bit of a challenge due to my lack of planning to begin with, but one big example is that I had a pan full of ginger chewy cookies sitting on my counter for a few days. I didn’t touch them until the BF came over, and even then I just had two. And I sat and ate them slowly. I’ve also had a loaf of pumpkin bread sitting in my fridge since Saturday. Do you think I’ve touched it? NO, I haven’t!! I had once slice when I made it, and then half a slice one morning for breakfast (and that was only because the slice fell out when I was putting it in the fridge.) Finally, I went to a brunch last Saturday, and while there was tons of food for me to have 2nds and 3rd with, I served myself one smallish plate and didn’t have any more than that. Small victories, but I’ll take them.

While I haven’t officially started with their eating plan, I did read the Stage 2 information. I really like how they have it set up. Once you learn the formula it’s not too hard to find things to eat. My only complaints: it’s very calorie centered, and that’s just something I’m not used to doing; and there are so many combinations possible….I’ve been a bit too overwhelmed to start. I need to sit down with a notebook and figure out different meal options, as well as stock my fridge with vegetables and fruits that I can easily add to a meal and complete it.

I’m pretty excited about it, even if I’ve strayed away from filling out the sheets every night. It’s mostly due to a lack of preparation and I just haven’t given it that level of attention it needs. Even so, I’m going to keep at it until this becomes natural to me!


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