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Cold morning, bad workout

Posted on: January 6, 2010

It was really cold this morning. Well, by our standards here where I live in the south end of Florida. It was in the low 40’s!!! Even though I turned my heater on during the night, it was still pretty chilly when I got out of bed.

Either way, I dragged my butt out of bed at 4:30am….just to do Yoga X (part of the P90X program). The last time I tried it I had improved a bit from the previous time, so naturally I thought I’d do even better today. That was not the case. I don’t know if I’m doing things wrong, I give up too easily, or….I don’t know, a combination of both. Either way it felt disastrous. My glasses kept slipping off, and when I took them off (since I figured I could follow the instructions without looking) my balance felt off. (I’m extremely near-sighted.) I was also trying on my new yoga gloves since I’d previously had problems with my sweaty hands slipping on the mat…..but I was slipping inside the gloves anyway, causing some chafing on the heel of my palm, and pain between my fingers where all the pressure from the fabric was going. Epic fail….but I suppose sweaty hands weren’t a factor, so they kinda did their job. (This is primarily happening when I do downward dog….am I doing it completely wrong?!! Geez….)

Anyway, I know I’m being awful whiny right now. Considering half of the workout involves that sequence that frustates me, I feel like I’m not getting what I should from the workout. I feel like I’m not progressing at all! The good news is that the block I bought helped me a little. It just really sucks that half of the things on that workout are things I can’t do. (I can’t even do a standing leg extension! Argh! And a standing split? Forget it!)

Enough of the whining. The good news is I got up early to do it, and I did. I even finished “with time to spare”, and after the cool down all I wanted to do was curl up in bed again. Which I did. For too long. I ended up getting out of bed at 6:50, when I’m supposed to be at work at 7am. Oops.

As a side note, my triceps are killing me this morning! It’s awesome! For the first time I feel I really pushed myself with the arms and shoulder workout (yesterday), so hopefully next week I’ll see another improvement. It’s kind of funny how I always look forward to that workout the most….probably because we have to write down how many reps we did, with what weight. That way I get to see and feel an improvement right away.

Finally, I almost feel as though I can see a difference in the mirror already but the scale definitely isn’t showing it. Two days ago I was at 164, and yesterday and today I’m at 163.5 (although the scale wavered at 164 before shifting back down). I know I’m wanting to see more than I should be expecting, but I can’t help it. I feel good about how I’ve been eating lately. I’ve been kinda counting calories, and trying to balance out my food choices (a little bit of starches, protein, and veggies at each meal) and it’s amazing how much food I’m allowed to eat! I’m not fully there though, since I haven’t been writing things down at all, and it’s my snacks that may bring me over the edge in the end. Like the almonds I ate when I got home, before cooking. Or the chocolate orange slices I ate after dinner, or the mini-ice cream I had after lunch. Yeah, it suddenly sounds like a lot more.

Anyway, I have my first training session tonight. It’s a group training session, and after reading the trainers email from yesterday, I’m really excited! I have my bag ready to go. Once we get there we split into groups, the walkers, the “one ones” (running one minute, walking one minute), two-ones, and three-ones. I’m wondering if I should join the one-ones or two-ones. I know I’ve done 2 minute running intervals before, but I’m not sure how long I can sustain it, especially if they go a bit faster than I’m used to. Should I really push myself hard, or start off a little easier?

I’ll let you know how it goes!


4 Responses to "Cold morning, bad workout"

This may be totally off, but I’m wondering if the tricep soreness plays a part in your yoga difficulties? I know a lot of poses, especially inverted ones, take a great deal of muscle strength from the arms and if those muscles are fatigued, I think it would be harder to get the form just right and hold the pose. Yoga is always harder for me when I’m doing a lot of strength training, mostly for that reason. But that might not be your problem at all so if not, disregard. Just something to think about. 🙂

Yoga is one of my very favorite things – which is good, since it’s really helping me with my joint problems right now. I’d encourage you to keep at it and see if it eventually falls into place for you. When I first started doing it, it took a while for me to really feel like I had the hang of it, but now I adore it.

Either way, you’re doing great, and way to go on getting up early. It’s so much harder when it’s cold! 🙂


I wouldn’t put yourself down too much about it, Yoga is hard to do! Especially when your first learning it. I am doing a second go at P90x when I was forced to stop in June last year. It took a few weeks just to start to get comfortable with the exercises. That was the hardest part for myself. Once I got that, flexibility and balance improved a lot the following weeks.
I have not done it yet this time round but on Thursday I will and I’m looking forward to it but I know it will take some time to get used to it. That is probably the most frustrating part too, seeing progress in all the other sections but this one. It is worth it in the end though.
I am impressed that you got up so early to do it, you should be proud of that.
My hands always slip too, the yoga mat seems to help and the gloves sound like a good idea.
Keep at it, your on the right track! We all have tough days, but its important to do the exercise regardless.

Thanks Chuck! It’s comforting to hear (read?) someone say that and remind me it’s not SUPPOSED to be easy…I haven’t given up yet, so I hope you’re right and that I’ll get better as time goes one. I was impressed I got up that early too!!! lol. I’m the type of person that presses snooze until I can’t possibly have enough time left to get ready….so getting up 2+ hours than normal is a BIG thing.

By the way, I added your blog to my reader! I look forward to reading about someone else’s experiences with P90X!

V, I’m not sure the triceps were a factor. I didn’t really feel the soreness until I was stretching between moves….but you never know. Maybe it did have an effect?

The BF says the same thing, he wasn’t a big fan of yoga, but now he loves it.

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