QuarterLife Girl Gets Fit!

Not Quite Consistent

Posted on: January 13, 2010

I keep getting the impression I’m being more consistent with my workouts and eating than I really am. I was aiming to work out every day, and while I have been active, I certainly haven’t been working out every day. Last week I had skipped a few mornings, then I promised I’d work out each morning during the weekend. Well, that didn’t happen. Friday’s workout finally happened last night (Tuesday).

Anyway, I’m not yelling at myself quite yet. I’ve just started my running program, so at the very least I’m being active twice a week. Add my two dance rehearsals each week until the show….and that’s another 2-3 hours of exercise. At least I haven’t been sitting on my butt! However I really wanted to progress with P90X, and keep losing weight. That just isn’t going to happen if I keep half-assing everything. (Add to that the issue I currently have with my neighbor….every step I take in the living room resounds in his bedroom, so I’m scared of walking in my apartment lest he come over and yell at me….much less exercise. Anyway, the solution to that is relatively simple: shift my exercising from my living room to the spare bedroom….I just haven’t set up the spare bedroom to have enough room for that yet. That’ll be my project for the rest of the week and the weekend!)

So nothing exciting to report, other than confessing that I’m not doing as well as I keep convincing myself. I’m going to finish one more week of P90X Stage 1 (Lean), then I’m moving into the recovery week. Hopefully that last “week” won’t take more than an actual week.

To update you on my Fitness 101 program, I decided to stick with the one-one’s again on Monday (one minute running followed by one minute of walking) and I’m glad I did. Either due to a lack of eating enough, or a lack of general endurance I was beat! We went further and ever-so-slightly faster, and apparently that was enough for me. Today I have another session, and I think I’ll stick to the one-one’s again….and keep doing so until I’m not having to push so much. I’m not sure if it’ll get me to my “run a full 5k” goal, but if it’ll improve my 5k time I’ll take it!


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