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Back with Beck

Posted on: January 14, 2010

Thanks to Prior Fat Girl’s Beck Diet discussions, I’m hitting this stuff hard again! I’ve rearranged things on the site to make more sense, and keep me on track (unfortunately that means no more couch to 5k tracking….since I’m not really working on that program right now). So, I now have a Success Skills tracking sheet tracker! (Geez, what a mouthful.) I’m hoping to use this blog as my “Diet Buddy”, as well as anyone else that wants to join me.

Now, to the funner stuff (I know that’s not really a word)….I’ve also re-thought out my weight-loss rewards, and redone my “Advantages” card. My old one had a bunch of stuff, that while true, it wasn’t really getting me motivated. I needed something that could remind me, I mean, really remind me of the things that bother me about being weight. Here’s my new Advantages list….

Advantages of Losing Weight

-Looking great in my belly dance costumes

-Shopping for jeans ANYWHERE! (My thighs are pretty big, so that means out of 20 jeans in a store, I can only try on one or two styles….if that.)

-Enjoy looking at pictures of myself. (While looking at some pictures recently I was mortified at how I didn’t realize I was gaining weight…until it was too late!)

-Wearing thigh-high stockings! (I’ve always wanted to buy a pair, but being realistic about the size of my thighs, I haven’t….I don’t want them cutting into my legs and making me look like a sausage!)

-No rubbing and chafing in the summer! (Any other girls with big thighs should know exactly what I’m talking about….)

-Feeling in complete control of my body. (When I’m heavier than usual I feel like a blob….I remember how great I felt even just 5 pounds ago!)

-Going to the beach this summer. (I live really close to the beach, and the BF loves going. Due to my self-consciousness, I haven’t worn a swimsuit in years, let alone gone to the beach….)

Notice that most of them revolve around my legs. When I start losing weight it starts disappearing from my waist first. While that’s great, what has happened in the past is that I’ve become complacent with losing X inches, and I stop before I lose some from my thighs. I can’t do that. I deserve to have great legs! Right?!! (And I used to have great legs!! So I know I can get there!) I need to make sure I remember these things so that they keep me going until I reach my goals.

Enough of that.

As of today I’m making sure to plan my meals the night before. Otherwise what ends up happening is I “make room” for a bunch of extra food I shouldn’t eat, and then convince myself that it’s ok, because I supposedly planned to eat it. The silly mind games we play….

Feel free to check my “tracking” page periodically if you want to see my progress. I should be updating it nightly with the day’s accomplishments.


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