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Day 2 of P90X

Posted on: February 2, 2010

First thing’s first….my running group was canceled yesterday! They usually run rain or shine, but since the streets were flooded after a full day of rain, and we run in dark residential areas, they decided those weren’t safe conditions. We’ll meet again Wednesday, and they may possibly extend the program by one Monday to make up for yesterday.

That being said, I woke up this morning (a bit late, again, but that’s ok) and after letting my french toast digest I did my 2nd day of P90X lean. Today was “Cardio X”. I must say it went MUCH better than yesterday (no dizziness) but still, I can tell I’m weaker than previous times I’d tried this workout. I think I need to eat a better dinner in the evenings, and possibly a better breakfast as well. Especially if I’m going to be running in addition to this.

On the bright side, even though yesterday’s workout was pretty wimpy I still woke up with a sore butt! Awesome! I love feeling sore after a workout….it confirms to me that I worked hard and my body is adjusting.

Tomorrow is Arms and Shoulders, quite possibly my favorite P90X video, and that’s a good thing, because I didn’t want to have to do something like Cardio on the morning of a run (although next week I’ll have to do Cardio on the morning after my run….I have to fuel up that day!)

In case anyone’s wondering, I thought I’d post the schedule for the next three weeks:

Mondays – Core Synergistics (involves cardio moves, and lots of core stuff)

Tuesdays – Cardio X (combines a little bit of yoga, “Kenpo X” moves, Plyometrics, and plain old cardio)

Wednesdays – Arms & Shoulders (with weights….I think that’s why I like it. I’ll admit, it makes me feel like a bad-ass. lol), followed by Ab Ripper (which rips your abs in 16 minutes flat. No joke.)

Thursdays – Yoga X (quite possibly my least favorite workout. Because it’s so difficult for me!)

Fridays – Legs & Back (leg exercises and all kinds of pull ups), followed by Ab Ripper.

Saturdays – Kenpo X (love it to. Lots of kicking and punching, with jumping jacks in between.)

Sundays – Rest or Stretch X (LOVE Stretch X. If I ever skip it, it’s just because of the time constraint….its an hour of stretching. Awesome.)

After I repeat that for 3 weeks, it is followed by a “recovery week”. Basically the workouts with weights are taken out and replaced with a whole bunch of yoga. Yeah, you can tell I’m excited by that, right? lol.


1 Response to "Day 2 of P90X"

Hey QuarterlifeGirl… I had the same problem with getting dizzy, especially during the plyo, and kenpo x workouts. I was using the Phase 1 Level 1 meal plan, but after noticing this, I added a second small portion of carbs to my day. (A slice of whole grain bread, or a couple tbsp. of brown rice). Keep up the hard work, I am on Day 26 of P90X, and the results are INCREDIBLE! Are you a Beachbody coach by chance? I didn’t read anywhere on your post that you were. Check out http://www.BeachBodyCoach.com/JillianTirado and click on the Coach tab. Do not hesitate to contact me with any questions, or if you just need some P90X motivation! Take care and keep up the hard work!

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