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Fitness 101

Posted on: January 7, 2010

So last night was my first experience with my running training program! I’ll be referring to it as “Fitness 101” from here on out, since that’s it’s official name. Anyway, it was very interesting. I arrived ahead of time, had time to change my work pants (I’d worn a tank top under my clothes, so I was able to change shirts in the car….I wore 3 in total…it was cold!), pick up my packet, browse through it, then leave my bag before walking out to meet the group.

It was a pretty darn big group. I’m assuming over time the group may dwindle a bit as people lose motivation, but we’ll see. We did a group warm up (which was really funny since we all did it on a sidewalk in the middle of a busy shopping area. Drivers and pedestrians were staring as we shuffled and kicked and did all sorts of goofy stuff.), then we divided into groups. As I may have mentioned before, all groups would be doing an interval of running, followed by a 1 minute recovery walk. So we divided into the 3 minute runners, 2 minute runners, and 1 minute runners. While they said that you could always fall back in the event you start off too strong, I decided to stick to the one-one’s.

Since it was the first day they decided to just do a total of one mile. All in all, it was good. I didn’t feel too winded until the end when our leader “challenged” us a bit and made us run faster for the last interval. However, she made it clear that she had been taking it easy on us, and eventually we’ll be running at a 12-13 minute mile pace. (Keep in mind we’d been running a 15-minute mile pace, which is what I typically do.) When the other groups got back though, I kind of felt cheated….they had done two miles, while we only did one!

So, while I enjoyed myself, I’m totally doubting what I should do for the next session, let alone my overall “strategy”. I’m afraid that if I stick to the one-one’s there’s the possibility that I’m going too easy on myself, and won’t improve as much as I could. (And I may not reach my full-5k-run goal, like I want to.) However if I go with the two-one’s, that may be too much, and as our distances increase (and speed, apparently) I won’t be able to keep up. (And while they said we could easily fall back if we find it’s too much….I’m kind of scared of doing that because of how DARK it was!)

I have until Monday to decide what to do. In the meantime, I think I may go for one run and test myself running for two minute intervals for a mile and see how I feel.

Any advice?

Side note: I didn’t wake up for my workout this morning. In my half-asleep haze I recall convincing myself it was ok since I ran yesterday, and this morning was supposed to be a leg workout. I’m a little disappointed. However, if I work out this evening I don’t think I’d be in shape to work out in the morning….so I don’t know what to do!

Actually, I take that back. I think I figured out what I’m going to do. Tonight: legs and back as I was supposed to do in the morning. Tomorrow morning, if I feel up to it I’ll do Kenpo, as scheduled (which involves lots of kicking and whatnot….so we’ll see how I feel). Otherwise I’ll do Kenpo the next day and skip my “resting day”. That way I’ll be back on schedule!


1 Response to "Fitness 101"

I know how you feel with the being cheated at running! But I would stick with the one-ones, just for now. When I was doing my running programme last year I did one-ones three times: the first time it was ok, but that might have been luck, the second time it was still ok, but that could have been coincidence, the third time if it is still ok – that’s the sign you should move up.
The reason I say this? I did the same kinda programme earlier this year, and was up to four-ones. Then I took a month off, but afterwards I started to pick up where I left off at four-ones… uhoh… mistake! Almost instantly an old injury flared up, because even though my cardio fitness was still ok, the support from my muscles had got weaker. So, now I have to wait til it gets better then go right back to the beginning with my fitness programme, and for me that is so much more depressing than the frustration of being cheated out of a mile!
I’ll keep watching your blog – I am in a very similar situation: wondering where on earth all the weight came from!
Good luck and keep running 🙂

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