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Yesterday I participated in another 5k!! This time on my own, and of course I ran part and walked part. The good news is that I improved by 2 minutes from my last 5k time, but the bad news….I walked a heck of a lot more than I thought I would.

My intentions were to follow the week 2 routine for the C25k program. That’s 1.5 minutes running to 2 minutes of walking. I started off strong….the 1.5 minutes went by and I still had energy! The bad part: I was now stuck in the middle of a sea of runners, I couldn’t just STOP right in the middle! So….I kept running. Eventually I made my way next to someone that was already power walking and so I started walking right next to them. By that time I’m sure I was halfway through my “resting” period, so when the next running interval came by, it was a lot tougher.

I got back into the rhythm, but right around the first mile, I was really starting to feel tired. I still had two miles to go!! The comforting part was that I made it right at 14 minutes (meaning I had run a mile in less time than that!) That’s my fastest mile in ages! About 30 seconds later though, I got tired of the C25k podcast and I switched to my other songs. I’m not sure what happened after that as far as timing my intervals goes, but I didn’t run as much as I should’ve.

I finished the race at 42:39. That’s nearly 2 minutes faster than the first 5k I “ran” back in November! Considering I did so much walking, I think that’s pretty good! I’m excited to keep training for our corporate 5k later in April, and I hope to finish that one even faster than the last!


Goal Progress

Weight Goal: 140 lbs
Starting Weight: 159.0 lbs (Starting 1/12/09)
Current Weight: 162.0 lbs
Weight Lost: -3.0 lbs
Pounds left to first mini-goal (157.0): 5.0 lbs
Pounds left to lose: 22.0 lbs
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