QuarterLife Girl Gets Fit!

Weight Loss Rewards

Posted on: January 14, 2010

One thing I hadn’t really settled on when working on the Beck Diet Plan was rewards. I knew I wanted to reward myself, but with such lukewarm ideas, it wasn’t exactly motivating.

Well, I’ve finally come up with some good rewards!!! They are:

5 pounds lost (157 pounds) – Dri-fit Sports bra (1 or 2?)

10 pounds lost (152 pounds) – Dri-fit top

15 pounds lost (147 pounds) – Running skirt

I may throw a pair of moisture wicking socks in there somewhere, depending on how much I calculate costs to come out to, but I’m really excited about these rewards! It’s hard for me to justify buying workout gear right now, particularly since I have tons of stuff already (although all cotton, and I keep hearing how cotton is THE WORST to work out in, hehe), but if it’s a reward for hard work? I’m all for that!

Wish me luck!


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